Central Office

When calling the central office (846-5586), this list may make it a little easier to get directly to the person you need. When you hear the recording come on, you can enter the number as soon as it starts, and it will direct you to the correct person.

 Name Title Extension
 Judy Paolucci Superintendent 111
 Herb Hopkins Business Director 7
 Jodi McGuire Instructional Support Director 6
 Laurie Brigham Superintendent's Administrative Assistant 5
 Lorelei Sullivan Accounts Payable 3
 Arin Joudrey Payroll/Benefits 2
 Linda Miller Business Director's Administrative Assistant 0
 Tia Howe Instructional Support Administrative Assistant 4

if you get a voice mail and want to go back to the operator, just press *0 and it will bring you back.