April Newsletter

posted Mar 30, 2014, 9:34 AM by Cathy Wolinsky-YES
Dear Rowe School Families, 
Where did the month of March go? It was a very busy month at Rowe School. We 
celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 3 with a community meeting. Everyone wore Dr. 
Seuss hats while reading Dr. Seuss books. It was a fun, engaging way to honor one of our 
favorite authors. 
Speaking of authors, one of our favorite Maine authors spent the day at Rowe on March 
20. Thanks to the PTO, Chris Van Dusen delighted all of us with his fabulous books. We 
learned a lot about the art and craft writing and illustrating from him. 
April promises to be just as busy as March. On Tuesday, April 1, the first grade students 
will perform The Rowe Show at YPAC at 6:30 PM. On Wednesday, April 2, I will welcome 
the parents of children who will enter kindergarten in the fall. It is hard to believe it is 
already April and we are thinking of our next school year. Time is really flying. 
In March we began the process of assigning our current kindergarten and Grade 1 children 
to classrooms for next year. Placement is a lengthy process considering many factors and 
involving input from the professionals in our school who know the children. An 
extraordinary amount of time, care, and thought is devoted to this process, as it is 
essential that balanced groupings are created to provide equal opportunities for all 
students. We, therefore, do not honor specific placement requests. Thank you for your 
understanding and cooperation. 
Classroom placements are announced in mid-June. Please contact me if you have any 
questions about how placement is done in our school. 
Professional Learning 
On March 14, while students had a day off from school, the Rowe staff spent an engaging 
and exciting day deepening our learning about Effective Responsive Classroom Practices. 
 On March 13, Andy Dousis and his colleague Susan Lessard visited our classrooms and 
provided each of us with feedback on our practices. On Friday, Andy conducted a 
workshop for all faculty and staff on Effective Responsive Classroom Practices. Andy and 
Susan were very impressed with Rowe School. It was a wonderful day of learning. 
On March 24, Dr. Chris Kaufman presented a K-8 parent workshop on “My Brain Made Me 
Do It!! The Parent’s Guide to Social Cognition and Emotional Regulation.” It was a packed 
audience at YES for this presentation. Two programs he highly endorses for teaching 
self-regulation to students are Responsive Classroom and Zones of Regulation – both of 
which we implement school-wide at Rowe School. The #1 contributor to disregulated 
behavior is a lack of sleep. Next is a poor diet. As Chris Kaufman stated,” If you live on 
junk, you have junk to give.” The third contributor is lack of exercise. So, a good night’s 
sleep, a healthy diet, and plenty of exercise results in happier, healthier children (and 
A Few Reminders 
Playground coverage in the morning begins at 8:05 AM. Please do not drop your child off 
prior to that time. 
Dismissal is at 3:10. Children are involved in academics until 3:00. Please try to avoid 
picking your child up prior to 3:00 so as not to disrupt the academic day. 
Please check our Lost and Found in the gym. The cubbies will be cleared of all clothing to 
be donated prior to April vacation. Thank you. 
The following are important dates and upcoming events to note. 
April 1 The Rowe Show! 
April 2 Kindergarten Information Night 
April 18 NO School 
May 7-9 Screening of in-coming kindergarten children 
Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring, 
Ellen Honan, Principal