November 1 Newsletter

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Dear Rowe Families,

I hope you all are getting back into your routines after this crazy storm. Many of us are still without power but managing until we are fully restored. It felt great to get back to school and welcome the children this morning!

We have a number of items accumulating in our lost and found. It is located to the left of the doorway in the gym. There are a variety of cubbies on the wall where we keep the misplaced items. Please label your child's clothing and belongings with his or her name whenever possible. Once we get into winter, we find we have many pairs of black snowpants, for example. If names are on the items, we can easily get them returned to their owners. Thanks in advance for your help!


Many of you will recall the Our House fundraising campaign of more than ten years ago that provided much needed bleachers to the high school stadium field. That campaign was a great success, but it left us without a few of the amenities we'd like to provide for our athletes and fans - most notably, restrooms.  Now, we are excited to announce the Our House II campaign to further improve the athletic facilities at Yarmouth High School by providing for the following:         

  • Construction of new restrooms
  • Improvements to the snack shack
  • Updating of the team shed
  • Upgrades to the electrical panel
  • Installation of directional signage

​In the coming weeks, you will be hearing more about this project through district-wide emails and a town-wide publicity campaign. To learn more about this opportunity to improve our community facility, log on to  


         Message from the nurse’s office:

Several cases of lice have been identified in the Yarmouth School system, including Rowe. Anyone can get lice...mainly from direct head-to-head contact but also from sharing hats, brushes and other personal items. Lice are no cause for shame and no reflection on the hygiene of your home but are definitely a nuisance! We need to join together to keep the number of students affected at a minimum. 

We always advise weekend head checks at home throughout the school year. We will notify you if lice has been detected in your child’s class. When there has been a confirmed case, we suggest head checks every night for 2 weeks. If you discover lice or nits, follow the guidelines at the CDC website in the links below andnotify the school. If we discover that your child has head lice, we will notify you. All notifications are completely confidential. Head checks are completed on students with symptoms. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the National School Nurse Association agree that management of head lice should not disrupt the educational process. Data does not support school exclusion for a child with lice or nits.

Thank you in advance for your help in minimizing this problem.

Susan Lobel, Principal

Jill Webber, School Nurse

Rowe School

Dates to note:

Sunday, November 5th - Daylight Savings Time ends. “Fall back” by setting clocks one hour back.

Tuesday, November 7th - School Photo Re-takes

Friday, November 10th - Observance of Veteran’s Day - No School 

Thursday, November 16th -  PTO meeting in the YES library at 7:00 pm

Wednesday, November 22- Friday, November 24, Thanksgiving break- No School

October-November Newsletter

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October Newsletter

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First Week of School

posted Sep 26, 2017, 9:52 AM by Amanda Cote

Dear Rowe Families,

We had a wonderful first week of school! The two days that kindergarten teachers spent with each child during the welcome days continue to be extremely helpful for all involved. The teachers feel like they know their children a bit better and it is nice to have first graders alone for the first two days. This allows everyone some time to settle back into routines in a more gradual way. 

It is clear as I walk around the school and spend time in classrooms, outside, and in the cafeteria, that the children are happy and excited to be at school.  We also expect there to be tears with a few children as they adjust in these first weeks, and we have many hands on deck to support them as they become accustomed to attending school all day, every day. Last week I saw some engaging first grade math and kindergarten literacy lessons. Today, I observed kindergarteners learning to keep a steady beat with rhythm sticks and practicing the words to the Rowe School song in music class. Rowe is always abuzz with learning and fun!

Please remember that a quick good bye and a hug are best for morning arrival. It can make things harder for your child if you do not leave right away. The sooner they can separate from you, the more able the Rowe staff are to help them focus on the day ahead. We also need to ask that parents not enter the playground during school hours and first thing in the morning. This is a security rule that we must abide by. Please be sure to wait in the atrium until classes end and children are checked into the pick-up line if you pick your child up at dismissal. If you are coming into the school, you need to park in the side lot next to the school and not in the traffic circle or the drop off zone. Thanks in advance for your help!

Please be sure to read the Rowe School Handbook on the Yarmouth School Department website at for many details about playground rules, our policy regarding birthday celebrations, information on field trips, parent conferences, grade level information, etc.. Information is updated regularly, so please check back for ongoing school information.

Our Open House is on Monday, September 25th from 6:00-7:00 pm. This is an evening without children where you will hear information from your child's teacher about the classroom routines and expectations. There will not be time during the evening for individual questions about your child's progress. The teachers spend the first month getting to know children and will have more specific information to share by conference time later in the fall.

Here are a few other important dates to note:

September 19                   Parent Volunteer Training (8:45 AM or 7 PM) - This is for anyone who has not participated in the training previously.

September 21                   PTO Meeting (YES Library, 7 PM)

September 25                   Rowe School Open House (6 PM)

September 26                   School Picture Day

October 4                          Rowe School Flu Clinic (4 PM)



Susan Lobel & the Rowe School staff

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Welcome Back to School!

posted Sep 1, 2017, 8:58 AM by Amanda Cote

Dear Parents,

We hope you have all been enjoying the spectacular summer of 2017! We have been busy preparing for the 2017-18 school year.  In addition to individual classroom work, groups of teachers have worked together throughout the summer to plan lessons, revise curriculums and create materials. This impressive work demonstrates the dedication our staff has to improving the learning of all children. Everyone here takes great pride in ensuring that our children experience the warmth and nurturing they need as they enter their first school experience in Yarmouth.


The custodial staff have been doing a tremendous job cleaning the building, along with other minor repairs and painting in some areas.  It will be sparkling clean when we begin the school year on Tuesday, September 5th for first graders and Thursday, September 7th for Kindergarteners.  

First grade parents are invited to a Parent/Student Orientation Thursday, August 31. Students and parents are invited to drop in anytime between 8:30-9:30AM. This is the time for you and your child to visit the classroom, meet the teacher, and become acquainted with other children in the class.  It is a wonderful way to prepare your child for our opening day. In addition, you and your child are welcome to visit the art, music, gym, and library classrooms.  It will also be a time to visit with Clipper Care staff, our after care program. PLEASE DO NOT park in the Inter- Med parking lot or the People’s United Bank as those spaces are reserved for patients and customers.


Kindergarten Students will have a one-hour appointment with the classroom teacher on either September 5th or 6th.  Please be sure to schedule your appointment with your child’s classroom teacher if you haven’t already done so.


School supplies

For your child’s immediate preparation for school, you should label all personal belongings.  There is no need to purchase any school supplies.  A backpack to carry items to and from school is the only thing your child will need. Your child’s teacher will need a note from you stating where your child is to be dropped off after school.  This will help the teacher make sure your child is on the correct bus at the end of the day.

Bus information

Bus schedules will appear in The Notes and on the district website by approximately Tuesday, August 29th. Please contact Bruce Bickford or Jud Sawyer at 846-2338 with any questions about the bus.

School handbook

Our Rowe School handbook is found on our website. It contains very important information about our school and our policies. Please take time to read through it to familiarize yourself with our school.

Daily routines and procedures

All school buildings are locked during the school day.  The Rowe School will be locked after the bell rings at 8:40 until bus dismissal.  When arriving at school during these hours, you will need to ring the bell and identify yourself. Children are not tall enough to ring the bell; therefore, you must walk your child to the door to be buzzed in. Our secretary Amanda Cote, or another staff person who might be at the desk, will ask you for identification before buzzing you in.  If a family member or neighbor will be picking up your child, please call the school to inform us and ask that person to bring identification to the door.  We ask that you be patient with us while we get to know you.


Getting to and from school

We know that change and transitions can be difficult for students and adults alike.  One way to ease the transition from home to school is for students to take the bus to school.  Saying a quick goodbye at the bus stop helps the child get ready for the new school day.  We have experienced students and parents having a difficult time with the separation at the school playground.  While we prefer students arrive by bus, if you choose to drive your child, please make the goodbye very brief – a quick hug, kiss or a wave allows your child to enter the playground easily. Our experience tells us that once children separate from caregivers and are with their teacher and friends, they do very well.

Lunch with family members

We ask that you abide by our policy of not coming for lunch until after the magical first six weeks of school have passed. This gives us time to establish strong rituals and routines with the children. We will welcome you for lunch after October 16th. By then, your child will be able to proudly help visitors navigate the cafeteria routines!

Tuesday, September 5th, is the first day of school for First Graders ONLY.

The schedule is as follows:

8:40 AM to 3:25 PM

Grade 1 lunch is from 12:10-12:30.


Thursday, September 7 is the first full day of school for Kindergarten Students.

The schedule is as follows:

8:40 AM to 3:25 PM

Kindergarten lunch is from 11:50-12:10.


September 25th,  School-wide Open House at 6:00 P.M.

Open House is an evening without children when your child’s classroom teacher will present information about his/her expectations and curriculum.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you on behalf of your child this year. Enjoy the rest of summer and we will see you soon!


The Staff at Rowe School

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