February Newsletter

posted Feb 3, 2017, 10:01 AM by Rowe School   [ updated Feb 3, 2017, 10:04 AM ]

Dear Families,

We are off to a very spirited day here at Rowe. The children are excited to be wearing their favorite team shirts and enjoy seeing the teachers wearing team shirts and red, white or blue.  We are off to a SUPER start to Super Bowl Weekend!

February will be a busy month. We will celebrate the 100th day of school on Valentine’s Day, barring any snow days.  That will be another very spirited day! As part of our 100th Day Celebration, it has become our tradition to ask children to bring in 100 pennies, which we donate to a charity or organization in need.  This year we will collect Pennies for the Yarmouth Community Food Pantry. A former Rowe student, Jared Conant, plans to celebrate his 13th birthday by collecting food and donations for the Food Pantry.  His goal is to make a difference in the lives of other children by raising enough food and money to feed nearly 100 local families who are struggling with food insecurity.  This unselfish act is to be commended and we hope Jared will be able to join us at the Community Meeting to accept our donations. Starting next week, your child could count out 100 pennies at home to bring in a baggie to his or her teacher.  As a classroom, and then as a school, we will count the pennies, which will be collected at our Community Meeting on the 100th day.

Over the next few weeks, you will attend a parent/teacher conference. This is an important opportunity for us to connect with you to share student progress and set goals for future performance.  Your child’s teacher spends a great deal of time preparing to meet with you.  In an effort to stay current with student progress, I attend at least one conference in each classroom.  This is for my benefit and my presence should not be viewed as anything other than my professional learning. To help you make the most of this time, I am offering some suggestions that may assist you in preparing for your conference.

  • Prepare a written list of questions in advance.
  • Be on time. The teacher is scheduling many conferences and strives to stay on schedule to honor each family’s time.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Ask what you can do at home to help your child be successful at school. 

While you are at the school, please be sure to check Lost and Found. The cubbies are overflowing with winter apparel. Any items left on February 17 when we leave for winter vacation will be donated.

Getting plenty of sleep helps all of us, young and not-so-young, to be our best each and every day.  Just like the rituals and routines we practice at Rowe as a Responsive Classroom school, a consistent bedtime ritual is vital to building healthy minds and bodies.  Brain research tells us that an inconsistent bedtime is actually worse than a consistent late bedtime. At this age, a consistent early bedtime benefits children, teachers, and parents.

It may seem early to mention this; however, we will soon begin preliminary placement conversations for next year. Over the next several months those adults who know your children very well expend extraordinary amounts of time, care, and thought in placement discussions, as it is essential that balanced groupings be created to provide equal opportunities for all students.  We, therefore, do not honor specific placement requests.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

REMINDER:  Students MUST wear sneakers in gym class.  If a child goes to gym class in boots the child will have to sit out and watch. It is not healthy for children to in boots all day. Please be sure to send shoes or sneakers to school with your child. Slippers are not acceptable as they are slippery on the tile floors and also not safe in the event we need to evacuate the building. Thank you. 

Important dates and upcoming events to note:     

February 15                                     PTO at YES at 7:00PM

February 20-24                                Winter Vacation

Ongoing, starting February 27             Kindergarten Registration for 2017-18

Warm wishes,

Ellen Honan, Principal