October Newsletter

posted Oct 3, 2016, 1:30 PM by Rowe School   [ updated Oct 3, 2016, 1:30 PM ]

Welcome to October. It promises to be another busy month.

Safety First

Next week is Fire Prevention Week and the Yarmouth Fire Department is offering us activities to support your children’s learning. We will have a fire drill during the week, the children will visit the Fire Station on Tuesday and the Fire Department will bring a smoke trailer to our school on Wednesday.  The trailer, which is set up like a living room with furniture, uses a nontoxic “fog” to simulate the smoke of a fire. Children will practice crawling below the smoke so they will learn how to be safe in the event of a real fire. We thank Bill Goddard and the Yarmouth Fire Department for all they do to keep our children safe.

The week of October 17 is National Bus Safety Week. Friday, October 21, is Bus Driver Appreciation Day. We will honor our drivers in a special way with cards and pictures. I am sure the drivers would appreciate any notes written from home as well. They do a fabulous job each and every day safely transporting our children to and from school.

As you can probably imagine, or not, transporting a bus load of students to and from school, and keeping to a strict schedule, is challenging at best.  One way you can help the drivers stay on schedule is to make sure your child is at the bus stop on time and ready to board as soon as the bus arrives. Thank you.  

As students are settling into the year, play dates are starting. This is exciting, but creates a change in students’ established routines. Please be sure to arrange play dates a day in advance so that all information coming to the teacher arrives in the morning. It is imperative for teachers to receive a note from parents letting the school know the details of the after school plans and/or a fully completed bus pass. If your child is to take another bus, we need to know the name and address of the location so the bus driver will have accurate information. “Going to Grammie’s” does not provide enough information for the teacher or the bus driver. Additional bus passes are available in the office. Thank you.

Parent Conferences

Parent conferences will begin in the next few weeks. If your child’s teacher has not scheduled a conference with you, you should receive an invitation soon. We offer three formal opportunities to conference with teachers. Remember that you should contact your child’s teachers any time during the year if you have questions or information to share regarding your child’s progress. We value your partnership with us. Once your meeting is scheduled, please make every effort to remember the conference date and time. The teachers are working very hard to accommodate the needs of all families and rescheduling is a challenge. We appreciate and thank all of you for your partnership.

After-school questions

Asking “How was school today?” might not get you far.  Instead, ask questions like these for a better picture of your child’s day:

·      What made you laugh?

·      How were you kind or helpful today?

·      What book did you read or have read to you?

·      What did you write about today?

·      What did you play at recess? 


As Halloween approaches, I want to share some of our beliefs about holidays.  We all recognize that holidays are an important part of a child’s life in terms of creating lasting memories and understanding traditions. As educators, we work to create a calm learning experience by focusing on the cultural and seasonal aspects of these special days.

After one month of school, we are doing very well on our school routines and establishing common language and common expectations in all areas of our school.

The language of Logical Consequences:

1.          Take a Break.

2.         You Abuse It, You Lose It.

3.         You Break It, You Fix It.  (Feelings too!) 

Check our website at http://rowe.yarmouthschools.org for ongoing school information and calendar events.

October 7   Teacher In-Service Day – NO SCHOOL

October 10  Columbus Day - NO SCHOOL

October 19   Last day for Close Buy orders

              Hannaford Order 

Warm wishes for a wonderful October,

Ellen Honan, Principal