Responsive Classroom

Rowe School embraces the Responsive Classroom® approach, which was developed by the Northeast Foundation for Children, Inc. to foster safe, challenging, and joyful classrooms. It is an innovative and evidence based approach to help create learning environments where children thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. The components of Responsive Classroom are morning meeting, rules and logical consequences, guided discovery, academic choice, parent communication, and classroom organization. Many of the teachers at Rowe School have been practicing this approach for several years. Others have attended workshops on Responsive Classroom or are RC site leaders. Through ongoing training and awareness we continue to grow in this regard.

Another component of Responsive Classroom is the All School Community Meeting. The All School Community Meeting gives the students and adults a community-wide celebration of learning. Each month, this school wide event features art, writing, music and other representations of student learning relevant to a chosen theme. Teachers are instrumental in the planning of the meeting and classrooms take turns hosting meetings throughout the year. Through this outlet, students learn skills in presentation, public speaking, communicating ideas in a variety of media, participating in a community event, as well as practicing appropriate audience behavior. These skills are vital to the growth and learning of today’s children. It is also a joyful time where the children and staff have a chance to participate in learning together!

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