Happy New Year, Rowe Families! 

I hope you all had a most wonderful winter break and holiday! We are so excited to welcome our young learners back to school and to kick off 2024! December was a very exciting month at Rowe School:

December Highlights!

Whole School Community Meeting!

The week before break we enjoyed our very first WHOLE SCHOOL Community Meeting! What a wonderful experience it was to be able to all come together. We focused on our core values of Kind and Polite. We talked about how so many of the families across our school celebrate various traditions across the year and that it makes our community so wonderful! We read the book: “Our Favorite Day of the Year”, written by A.E. Ali and children had the chance to share their favorite day of the year with a classmate. We also recognized kindness in our community by counting and celebrating how many donations our school has collected to support our local food pantry. We are proud to announce that due to the generosity of our community $150 and 340 items were donated to our local food pantry this week from Rowe School! 

Whole School Community MeetingFood Drive Donations

First Grade Fancy Dance! 

A huge THANK YOU to all the first grade families who came out to have fun with us at our very first, First Grade Fancy Dance! Thanks to the generous donations for admissions and concessions, we were able to establish a school “Spirit Fund”. This fund will allow us to fund activities designed to add joyful community experiences (such as the fancy dance!) to our school for students and staff. We will be excited to announce our kindergarten family dance in the early spring. 

A Gingerbread Friend came to Rowe School!

A Gingerbread Friend came to Rowe School on Thursday and brought a sweet treat for everyone! 

Sun Dial at Rowe!

This past summer, a human sundial was installed on the Rowe school grounds near the tennis courts. A human sundial is a big outdoor clock that uses a person’s shadow to tell time. It’s composed of a dial - made of 14 concrete stores painted with numbers - and a month walkway. To use the sundial, stand on the current month in the walkway, close to the senter white line and facing north (N). On a sunny day, your shadow will fall on a number, which tells you solar time (close to clock time). Use the big numbers for daylight savings and the little numbers for standard time. It’s like playing a game with the sun!

The sundial is used by first graders as part of their Earth and Space science curriculum and was funded by the Yarmouth Education Foundation. 

Learning at Rowe

Coming in With the Tide (January) 

  • 1/2 - 1/5 ~ Pre-K Pre-Registration for 2024-25 opens this week!

  • 1/15: No School (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) 

  • 1/22&1/23: Grade 1 NWEA

  • 1/25&1/26: Kindergarten NWEA

General Updates

  • PTO Update!

    • Click HERE for more info from our supportive PTO!

  • Pre-K Registration!

    • As you may already be aware, the district is in the process of assessing ways we can continue to expand our Pre-K program for our community. One option under consideration is the possibility of expanding our program to be a full-day program. Due to the budget timeline, we will not officially know what the program structure will be until the budget is finalized in June. However, we do hope to have a better idea of the direction in early spring. With that being said, we will be starting the registration process early in January. Children will be eligible to enroll in Pre-K if their birthday falls between October 16, 1029 and October 15, 2020. More information about this will be coming soon! 

  • Car Loop

    • Families - we need your help! We need to request that the car loop that goes around the back of our school is not used between the hours of 8:40 and 3:00 - with the exception of Pre-K mid-day pick up if needed. When the loop is used, please be sure to proceed with extreme caution and observe the posted speed limit as we regularly have children either going on movement breaks or accessing the park when we can. We have seen an increase in cars passing quickly through this area. We really appreciate your attention to and partnership with this in helping us keep our learners and staff safe. 

  • 2-Hr Delays: Pre-K 

    • Just a reminder that in the event of a 2-Hour Delay, AM PreK will be canceled and PM PreK will still be in session

  • Volunteering in our Schools 

Volunteering Process: Please see the attached flier from our Volunteer Coordinator, Rebecca Spear. It is important to note that ALL volunteers MUST have a completed volunteer form and have a clear background check prior to engaging in any volunteer activities in any of our schools. 

  • Interested in working for Yarmouth Schools?  

Click HERE for a list of open positions! 

Kelli Rogers