September 16, 2020

Dear Rowe families,

The Rowe classroom teachers have prepared a virtual presentation for families to provide you with information specific to their grade levels for Open House this year. I think you will find them very helpful in giving you a window into what the day looks like for your children along with other useful details. I will not be holding a Zoom session as part of Open House. I held a Community Meeting for families with the most pertinent information on the opening of school just over a month ago on Zoom. I would be happy to answer any further questions you have that pertain to school wide issues. Feel free to email me at with your questions or input. Our school counselor, Kristin Dunn, shared some information on our social/emotional curriculum earlier today to give you a sense of how that works here at Rowe. 

Please read on for a bit more information on dismissal and an updated message from our School Nutrition Department.

PikMyKid- Going Live on September 21

As you know, we are using PikMyKid to help support student car pickups only. If you have reviewed the video and training material you will note that this program offers comprehensive dismissal options but we are using it for just the car dismissal function. 

If you have not already downloaded the PikMyKid App, please do so at this time. We  have about 88 parents who have downloaded the App. Please remember that you will use the ID code found on your child’s car tag.   If you are unable to utilize a phone you may continue to use just your car tag. 

Again, you will be the Primary Parent for your child and in control of their dismissal. You can delegate alternate individuals, but they should have the App also as it will send a matching number to the phone for us to validate the correct person is picking up the proper child. 

Once you have downloaded the App and registered in the system, we encourage you to practice it over the next few days. I have included the Training Video for Parents again here: PikMyKid Parent Training.  Follow this attachment link to access the “Parent App User Guide” Attachment

On Monday, September 21, we will begin tracking PikMyKid in the building. We will still use car tags. Please continue to display your car tag each day as we all get to learn the system. If you do not have access to the App with a personal device, you can continue to use the car tag only. 

Since the first day of school, we have been transitioning the majority of the grade level cohorts out to the front of the school to speed up the dismissal process. You may wonder why we are still moving forward with the App.  With heavy rain or the potential of having all students attend school every day, we may not be able to have all of them standing outside in that space waiting  three feet apart. As a result, we may have to adjust to a more staggered car pickup format. Clearly that will take a longer period of time, but we are optimistic that the use of the App will help us to make the process as safe and efficient as possible. 

Car line

Thank you for your efforts in using the car line! It has definitely been working better and we recognize that some people need to park and stand in line due to congestion in the car line. Please remember not to block traffic flow on School Street. Our buses need to get in and out of the road to stay on their schedules. You can pull into a parking spot if you see that the car line area is full. It is fine to drive slowly through the car line on the left and circle back into the lot if needed.

Yarmouth School Nutrition Department Information

Link to School Nutrition Department letter - HERE.

Online lunch application 

School picture days will be happening on October 26th and 27th for all students, including our fully remote cohort. Details to follow soon!



Susan Lobel, Rowe School Principal