Rowe students learned about bicycle safety today with Lenora Felker of the Youth Cycle Project. #rowelearns #bicyclesafety
almost 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Attentive audience
Quiet coyote sign for attentive listening
Annual field trip to Crescent Beach State Park, 2019! #rowelearns #oceanstudies
almost 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Learning about seaweed
Tide pool crab find
Opening ceremony
First graders learned about horseshoe crabs and their importance to the field of medicine from Coastal Carol and her assistant from Coastal Encounters. #rowelearns #experientiallearning #oceanstudies
almost 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Feeding a female crab
Female crab
Holding a horseshoe crab
Our May Community Meeting focused on ACES- All Children Exercise Simultaneously. It was hosted by our fabulous gym teacher Mr Lipman along with Mrs. Flanagan and Mrs. Saxe, our learning center teachers. We saw some examples of how children around the world celebrate ACES. #rowelearns #aces #communitybuilding
almost 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Taking a poll
Kindergarten students experienced the intertidal buffet with Coastal Carol of Coastal Encounters. This is part of our school-wide Ocean Studies unit. #rowelearns #oceanlife #experientiallearning
almost 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Rock crabs
Microscopic views
Sea star
First and seventh graders connected to celebrate the rejuvenation of the tulip garden they planted together last fall. In addition, time was spent playing, connecting, creating, and reading. #rowelearns #mentoringconnections
almost 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Paper flowers
tulip garden
Reading buddies
First graders made their own personal planets representing themselves, their homes, school, community, state, country, and world. #rowelearns #handsonlearning #socialscience
almost 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Happy planet owner
Hard at work
Team wirk
We have a mother robin nesting on our natural playground. This area is closed to students for the time being, except to take a quick peek at her. #rowelearns #signsofspringatlast #nature
almost 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Mother bird
The “Rainbow Garden” at Rowe is in bloom! #springinmaine #tulips
almost 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Tulips in bloom
The Rowe School got a Ten Spin and a funnel ball for the playground this week! Many thanks to the Yarmouth PTO and Yarmouth Parks and Rec for making this a reality for our K-1 children. #roweplays #yarmouthpto #yarmouthparksandrec
almost 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Funnel ball
K kids try out the Ten Spin
The refurbished tulip garden appears on track to bloom the first full week of May, just in time for us to welcome a new group of children for kindergarten screening! Special thanks to parent volunteer Amy Sinclair and the HMS 7th graders who planted the new bulbs with our first graders!
almost 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Tulip garden
We had another successful Rowe Show on April 10th. Many thanks to our music teacher, Michelle Mullane, our first grade teachers, and instructional support staff for making this special night for our first graders a reality. #rowelearns #musiceducation
about 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Reading of peace poems
About to begin!
Instrument players
Rowe students saw an encore performance of Yarmouth’s Got Talent at Yarmouth Elementary School on Friday. Special thanks go out to YES music teacher Erica Troy for organizing this special event! #rowelearns #yarmouthsgottalent
about 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Great performance by a 2nd grader
Old and new friends
Engaged audience
We celebrated healthy food choices aligned with specific colors last week. Each day was a different color theme, culminating with a rainbow of colors on Friday. #rowelearns #healthyeating #yarmouthnutritiondept
about 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Oranges and pineapple
Orange and yellow
Red day
Kindergarten children explored questions about light and energy in their recent science lab with consultant, Debbie Landry: Thanks to @yef_maine for funding this project. #rowelearns #sciencelabs #yefmaine
about 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
We welcomed spring at our March Community Meeting hosted by Ms. Lee’s, Ms. Berry’s and Mrs. Uraneck’s first grade classes. We sang songs, learned greetings in ASL and enjoyed a ukulele performance!
about 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Ukulele crew
ASL greeting
Maine children’s author Chris Van Dusen visited the Rowe School this week. Thank you Yarmouth PTO for providing this amazing enrichment experience for our students! #rowelearns #maineauthor #yarmouthpto
about 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Interesting animal created with input from the audience.
Captivated audience
Chris read The Circus Ship in his best, evil Mr. Paine voice.
Kindergarten writers are working on “How To” books. They choose a topic they have a lot of knowledge about to teach their readers. #rowelearns #informationalwriting
about 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Hard at work
Ms. Finnen provides guidance to a group of writers.
Writing up a storm!
First graders share their writing and provide their partner with a compliment. #rowelearns #writers workshop
about 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Writing partners
Rowe School first grader Isla Carter's artwork was chosen to be displayed at the Portland Museum of Art for Youth Art Month, a national celebration sponsored by Council for Art Education. Her work was chosen by Rowe art teacher Emily Landry and is entitled Magic Peacock, collage with ripped paper oil pastel pattern and watercolor wash. Congratulations to Isla!
about 2 years ago, Susan Lobel
Magic Peacock